Sep 02, 2015 · Up to 4 correct answers: Good, but perhaps you are a little out of practice 4-6 correct answers : Very good 6-8 correct answers : Excellent – you may be eligible to join Mensa
The puzzles are ok, hence the 3 stars / ok rating. I assumed, since it is billed as “an official Mensa calendar”, that real words and relatively intelligent clues would be used and answers expected, not “abs”, obscure actress names, and the like.
Answered. Your score was 30 out of 30. Please note that the Mensa Workout is NOT the official Mensa test, and your score will not qualify or disqualify you for membership.
Apr 21, 2020 · Mensa’s constitution lists three purposes: “to identify and to foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; to encourage research into nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence; and to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members”
Mar 16, 2020 · Workout | Mensa International Stormfront > General > Lounge: Mensa work out test ... I had to leave most of them blank because I just didn't know the answer. 03-15 ...
You have half an hour to answer 30 questions. After submitting, you have the solution as well as you score. To take the test go to mensa workout or click on this link. Enjoy! Don't forget to leave your score ;)
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ANSWERS 1. A coffin. 2. The child was born before 1776. 3. Mount Everest (it just hadn't been discovered). ... MENSA WORKOUT. Uploaded by. Neeti Gurunath (Job ...